If you like the look of the Hyundai Veloster and want something that can perform at a high level, check out the Veloster N. This is a sport-tuned model that we're excited to offer at Fred Beans Hyundai of Langhorne. There are two choices - the standard Veloster N and the Veloster N with a performance package.

The N in the name is illustrative of the quality of the car. Namying is the facility where the model was created, and Nurburgring is the track where it's been tested. The N standard gets 250 horsepower, and the N with the performance package gets 275 horsepower.

You can select a drive mode depending on the conditions and/or your mood. Normal, Eco, Sport, and N are the modes to select from. Those who love having control over performance can even calibrate the settings and create a unique mode. Changing modes is easy thanks to the touchscreen.



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