How to Identify Failing Hoses or Belts in Your Car

When the belts or hoses in your vehicle are failing, you run the risk of doing serious damage to the engine if the issue is not addressed in a timely manner. Look for these warning signs that there might be trouble with the car's belts or hoses.

The hoses allow engine coolant to move from the engine to radiator and back, keeping the engine moving parts cooler. If the hoses look bloated or appear to be splitting or cracking, it's time to get them replaced before they fail and the engine overheats.

The belts are moving the water pump and radiator fan, and they give off different signs they could be failing. You might hear the belts squealing, or they could appear the be splitting or cracking when they are about to tear. If you have concerns about the belts or hoses, visit McCafferty Hyundai Sales, Inc. in Langhorne, PA and we can inspect them all and replace accordingly.

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